alacria Launches to Help Sport and Business Connect to Grow

At a time where technology and data are rapidly changing the way we interact across all industries, businesses have an ever increasing need to focus on how they are enhancing their connection with customers. Global tech giants have redefined how consumers value experiences, so all businesses should be considering how they deliver compelling experiences to grow lifetime customer value.

alacria, a new strategic management consultancy, officially launched today to help businesses achieve this, ensuring they thrive. alacria has developed a three-pronged approach focused on participants, data and commercialisation to capitalise on the experience economy.

This challenge is acute in Australian sport. 75% of major Australian sports’ direct revenue comes from the 6% of fans who have played the sport at some point in lives. For an industry that can’t continue to rely on increasing media rights revenue, investing in experiences to build long-term participant value is key to its future financial security. alacria is already working with its’ sports clients to develop strategies that will grow participation, convert those participants into lifelong fans and curate that fandom to maximise their commercial value.

alacria is led by Chris Nunn, whose experience has been in senior roles across the sport and insights industries throughout Asia, most recently as Managing Director, APAC for Futures Sport & Entertainment. At the launch, said Nunn “As our communities become less healthy and less connected, we have identified both a need and an opportunity. alacria means to be active, lively, eager, excited, happy and that’s what we aim to be. We want our clients to thrive by helping them grow stronger, be more connected and enjoy what they do. The early response from the market to date has been superb. To those we’re already working with; thank you. To those we’re not, challenge us to see if we can help you”

Joining Nunn at alacria is former FFA Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Luke Bould. “We are all experiencing the changes that businesses like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are making to the way we shop, commute and travel. These changes are only accelerating across other industries. alacria’s focus is to work with our clients to help them plan for these changes and use improved and personalised customer experiences to be ahead of this revolution and maximise long term customer value.”

Dino DiPierdomenico, owner of DMC Sports – a world leader in sports participation development, also brings a wealth of proven experience to the alacria team as co-founder and Director. “Working with the largest sports participation programs all over the world over the last ten years, I have seen that there are a number of sports that want to grow and engage further with their participants and fans but do not have the expertise to get there, alacria is that answer.”

From its bases in Melbourne and Sydney, alacria’s team is already working with businesses in Australia and New Zealand, whilst also receiving early interest from potential clients in the U.S.A, U.K., and Asia, confirming the insights-led strategy that has led to its establishment has global relevance.

Since its establishment, alacria has:

With a strong start behind it, there will be some exciting announcements in the coming months as new projects begin, and the alacria team grows.

Please follow the links below to watch an introductory video about alacria and listen to Luke Bould discussing alacria on the Sports Geek podcast:




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Exciting news! alacria has submitted a panel for SXSW Sydney: "NextGen Fans: Shaping the Future of Sports Through Junior Engagement & Tech Innovation."

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#alacria is seeking a Head of Strategic Consulting, a role crucial to driving the success of our clients in the sports and entertainment sector. The position offers the chance to lead, innovate, and make a significant impact with industry leaders.

Congratulations to @NetballAust for a wonderful victory in the @NetballWorldCup A truly inspirational in back team that continues to se the standard globally.

Its been an amazing 2022 for the alacria team, we are very grateful for the support of our wonderful clients. A year working with leaders in sport & entertainment, helping them find opportunity and new value. To our team, thank you. We are lucky to work with such great people.

"To get the next generation excited about sport is much harder. They are playing games and watching esports, they are really into data. So providing them data about their performance is important"