We look beyond the obvious

We like solving problems, it gets us out of bed every morning!

– We listen to our clients and think deeply about ways to turn problems into opportunity and value.

– Data is at the core of this approach, it helps us understand the challenge and identify possibilities.

– Our experience allows us to find solutions to the previously intractable.

Getting ahead of the game is a key part of this approach.

We work to identify future trends to help our clients stay ahead of industry changes and opportunities.

Here are some examples:

U.S. Sports Betting - Fan Sentiment and Behaviour

12 January 2022

alacria teamed up with Navigate and data collection partner RepData, to release a sports betting study designed to help the US sports industry “peek around the corner”. Together, we surveyed more than 1,000 American sports fans who are current sports bettors and/or future bettors to gauge betting sentiment and behaviours.

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US Sports Betting – Baseline Behaviors and Sentiment

18 January 2022

Part 2 of our US Online Sports Betting series uncovers sports fans’ behaviors, sentiment towards sports betting, and how those sports fans who currently participate in sports betting (‘Current Sports Bettors’) differ. 52% of fans are neutral, 37% of fans want gov regulation, making 2022 a key year for the industry to manage sentiment.

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US Sports Betting - Sports Bettor Profile

25 January 2022

Part 3 of our US Sports Betting insights series
expands on who the Current Sports Bettor is, what the Future Sports Bettor may look like, the benefits and barriers they seen sports betting and what this means for sports and betting agencies.

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US Sports Betting - Final Takeaways

As we wrap up our series on sports betting, we’ve highlighted the top takeaways.

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US Sports Betting - Video Wrap

We wrap up our latest sports betting series with Navigate by discussing our key takeaways and addressing some of the questions that friends in the industry asked us – hosted by Navigate’s Kayla Ketring and alacria’s Luke Bould.

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