US Sports Betting – Video Wrap

We wrap up our latest sports betting series with Navigate by discussing our key takeaways and addressing some of the questions that friends in the industry asked us – hosted by Navigate’s Kayla Ketring and alacria’s Luke Bould.

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US Online Sports Betting – Baseline Behaviors and Sentiment

18 January 2022   Part 2 of our 3-part series uncovers sports fans’ behaviors, sentiment towards sports betting, and how those sports fans who currently participate in sports betting (‘Current Sports Bettors’) differ. Maybe not surprisingly, Current Sports Bettors tend to be more avid sports fans across all major sports asked about. As time goes

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US Sports Betting Fan Sentiment and Behaviour

12 January 2022   alacria teamed up with Navigate, and data collection partner RepData, to release a new sports gambling study designed to help the US sports industry “peek around the corner” of sports betting. Together, we surveyed more than 1,000 American sports fans over the age of 21 who are current sports bettors (CSB)

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As sports march on after a challenging 2020, there is a lot of optimism across the industry as the COVID year forced teams and brands to find creative ways to engage fans beyond physical experiences. One major method of engagement that has proven to be extremely lucrative is sports betting. For perspective, according to a

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Streaming launches stir Australian rights market, but deeper challenges limit rights-holder upside

Kevin McCullagh Luke Bould discusses developments in the Australian market. Competition for rights has increased due to new sports streaming platforms. No rights fee boom yet, with some properties instead avoiding large decreases. Upcoming sales of big domestic properties will test new players’ appetites. An outbreak of ‘streaming wars’ in Australia has injected life into a sports media

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The future of sports business has to be digital: David Gallop

John Stensholt 11:35AM March 26, 2021 Australian sports need to be careful not to cut costs too much or risk losing market share, according to former soccer and rugby league boss David Gallop, who says the days of taking a “scattergun” approach to communicating with fans and members also has to end. Gallop says he

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David Gallop AM joins alacria along with former IOC and NCAA executives

The past year has created an environment that sport has never faced before, and the need for a new, radical approach to the industry. Alacria has been working with sports across multiple markets to rethink the present and prepare for the future opportunities of 2021 and beyond. To drive this growth and offer our clients the best strategic advice available, we are delighted to announce the

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USA Cricket, alacria, and entry level youth cricket

With thanks to Emerging Cricket, Luke Bould discusses plans for the emergence of cricket in America with USA Cricket’s CEO Iain Higgins and Development Manager Jamie Lloyd.   The Entry Level Program (ELP) for youth Announcing progress on a new entry level youth program exclusively to Emerging Cricket, USA Cricket CEO, Iain Higgins, said ‘The

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alacria appointed to develop USA Cricket’s entry level participation program

As the next step in USA Cricket’s Foundational Plan, the National Governing Body has today announced the appointment of Alacria to develop the curriculum, marketing and commercialization model of the organisation’s new Entry Level Program for participation that will commence roll-out in the United States in the second half of 2021. Work to establish the

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Navigating Sports Business – how the US and Australia can learn from each other

AJ Maetas, the founder of leading US based sports insights Navigate, hosts Luke Bould for a discussion on the sports industries in the US and Australia. The Podcast explores the challenges and opportunities of growing sports participation, the learnings from the establishment of new properties such as the Big Bash, the future of sports content

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Women’s teams dominate popularity rankings

    New research shows women’s national teams are currently dominant in terms of fan passion ratings. The findings, released today by True North, show the top four national teams in terms of fan passion are all female teams, with the Matildas, Australian Women’s Rugby 7s and the Diamonds joining the Australian Women’s cricket team

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ME SO ISO – lessons from lockdown

By Chris Nunn It was weird coming back to work this morning after the long weekend. A real effort, if I’m being honest. I started out OK with a flurry of caffeine-aided activity; got a prop out, setup a few client meetings, made a couple of ‘care calls’ (something we’ve been trying to do each day)

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Its been an amazing 2022 for the alacria team, we are very grateful for the support of our wonderful clients. A year working with leaders in sport & entertainment, helping them find opportunity and new value. To our team, thank you. We are lucky to work with such great people.

"To get the next generation excited about sport is much harder. They are playing games and watching esports, they are really into data. So providing them data about their performance is important"

Eyal Ben-Ari speaks about Track160's long-time vision at @nxt_sport: "We provide the opportunity to have an objective measurement across all players, male and female, at all levels. We can use the data to give every kid their moment, not just the top 1%"

Q&As with Track160 CEO Eyal Ben-Ari in @nxt_sport's panel focusing on the future of data. An important discussion (and great fun)

"But we need to keep integrity and trust, so data control and management is extremely important. It’s about doing the right thing for the player and the parents"